7 tips to help you with first date nerves

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This week, Time Out London launched regular dating advice on its online site.

As part of the advice, I wrote an article about overcoming first date nerves.  Except I had to trim it down to just 5 tips … and so 30 Dates Readers get to benefit from two extra pointers!

Read the first 5 tips here!

6) Make yourself comfortable

The whole thing about dating is you’re hoping to meet someone who likes you for you. So be yourself, and make sure you’re comfortable. If you never wear high-heels, then don’t awkwardly hobble to your date in a pair. If you only wear a suit to funerals, don’t spend your date fidgeting with your tie and the buttons on your shirt.

If you turn up wearing clothes you’re comfortable in – the same clothes you would normally wear for the activity you’re doing – then you’re presenting the real you. And if the other person shows up with a different idea about appropriate attire – that is, if they seem underdressed or overdressed compared to you – then that may give you some idea of how compatible you are. Try not to dismiss someone too quickly though. You may find they are simply wearing something they thought they had to wear!

Bar Flirt 4

7) Have a drink … but not too many!

If you’re the type of person who needs a drink or two to relax, then by all means drink on a date, but do be careful. I always used to drive to dates, and never drink, until I began to notice more of the dates where I didn’t drive, and drank ended with a kiss! There’s a lot to be said for relaxing a few barriers.

But equally, I’ve heard many a horror story where first date nerves have led to a bottle or two of wine and very little food … and ended appallingly as a result!

So pace yourself. If you’re drinking, make sure you either eat on the date too, or that you’ve eaten beforehand. Know when to stop. Better to leave slightly early, and with your date wanting to know more, than to get smashed and show all your cards (and everything else!) on the first date.

What about you guys? What are your tip tips for avoiding first date nerves?  Any pointers?  Comment below, or tweet me @30dates with your best tips to get over first-date nerves.

Charly xxx

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