London Date Ideas – Rocket, Arabica & Archer Street

Every week on 30 Dates we feature new ideas for your next date – whether it’s your first, or your 51st!


Rocket, Holborn

A stone’s throw from Holborn tube station, Rocket is the classiest pizza restaurant I’ve ever been to.  Go there if you’re trying to impress someone! It’s certainly not your average pizza place.  The layout of the restaurant is intimate, and the decor is modern but classy.  The restaurant is affordable, and the atmosphere is chilled, but as soon as you step inside you realise it’s no usual pizza place!


Arabica, London Bridge

I’ve always been a big fan of Middle Eastern food – humous, fallafel and halloumi are three of my favourite foods.  I also love shared dining – tapas is one of my go-to dates with The Rugby Boy, as I see it as a way of trying twice as many flavours.  And so Arabica was right up my street – shared platters, dips and middle eastern treats, rounded off with tradition baclava to finish. Yum!

The restaurant is perched beside Borough Market – which is an interesting spot, as you think it would be tough to stand out against so many awesome food stalls, but Arabica is certainly worth a visit.

My only complaint would be that it can be a really tight squeeze – some of the tables are very close together – so if you do go on a date, I’d opt to sit outside if you can.

Archer Street 1

Archer Street

Archer Street, Soho

Finally, those of you following 30 Dates on Twitter will have noticed me tweeting this photo last week…

11110771_10101240097052730_4199738382087764089_nI caught up with some of the loveliest girls in the Dating Industry – Madeleine Mason (not pictured), Laura Yates, Katie Horwood, Saskia Nelson, and Caroline Brealey.  And we had an extra guest at our table, in the form of Piers Morgan, who was at Archer Street to judge their weekly singing contest ‘Archer Street Got Talent’!  It turns out every week some of the best singers from across the country come to compete on the purpose-built stage!

Slap bang in the middle of Soho, the beautiful cocktail bar is reknowned for its singing staff.  Go for drinks with a date you know, as it’s too loud for a first date – but it’s a great atmosphere, and something really different, if you do know the person you’re with, and are happy to enforce some pauses in conversation to listen to the staff singing!

Charly xxx

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