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As I type this, I’m wedged between boxes of belongings.  Staring around at a flat that was my home for 10 months.  One which I’ll be moving out of next week.

It’s funny, as I fill box after box with possessions, I’ve come to realise how much they represent me.  No, we are not the sum of our possessions.  But possessions can be a pretty good representation of the people we are or want to be.  A glance around my front room, and you can tell that technology, sport, and journalism are all important to me.  You can tell I’m a people person – I’ve always filled spaces with photos of loved ones – and that I’m relatively tidy, but comfortably relaxed.

A few weeks ago I joined the girls from W Talk to take part in their sassy, spirited version of Loose Women.  A panel show, featuring women in their last twenties and early thirties, discussing current affairs.  We were filming in Hackney, in a spacious living room, which Tobi, who runs W Talk had hired.

As I stared around the flat, every space carefully filled with an animal skull, skin rug or hunting memorabilia, I remarked out loud.  ‘I know I would never fancy the guy who owns this place!’


Which got me to thinking …

Do you remember that TV show, ‘Through the Keyhole’? Where they used to take a camera around someone’s house, and viewers had to guess who the house was owned by.

How about a dating site, where you only upload pictures of your house or flat?!!

Last year, as a response to Tinder, there was a rise in ‘anti-superficial’ apps – RevealR and Fuzzy Banter focus on your voice, Loveflutter focusses on your personality …

Surely this would be the next step?! 😉

Charly xxx

4 Comments on Online Dating – The Dating Site Someone Needs to Create!

  1. That is such a GENIUS idea.

    Sophie x

  2. Im having a blast reading this as a guy. Great insight thanks 🙂

  3. Cameron Nuckols // January 12, 2016 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    That’s an interesting concept. Do you believe that you’d find someone faster by looking at their house or by knowing all their beliefs and seeing answers to questions? I do think your idea is worth looking into.

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