Since when did ‘Crowdfunding’ become a Euphemism for Taking the Piss?!

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I’m on my soapbox this week!

Not only have I vented about the Protein World Beach Ready ads but I also need to have a quick rant about Crowdfunding.

Do you remember the farcical story of Tom Packer, trying to crowdfund his love life?  I think it was some kind of PR stunt (and one which backfired, as the nation took the piss out of the guy for weeks).  Well this week a press release landed in my inbox from My Single Friend.  I have to say, I rather like MSF.  I loved their partnership with Marmite earlier this year, and I have a lot of time for Sarah Beeny.  However, this particular email made me rather angry.

Comedienne Maddy Anholt is currently ‘crowdfunding to date in Scotland.’  How much does she need to get to Scotland? You may ask.  £3,500.

Are you kidding me?

a) Why on earth should someone crowd fund for their own social life

b) What the hell is she going to spend £3.5k on????

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There’s more to the story, of course.  It’s all a big PR thing to attract attention (and funding) for her Edinburgh Fringe show.  But I have to say, it certainly rubbed me up the wrong way.

Crowdfunding makes sense in certain circumstances.  It’s a nice way to raise money for charitable projects, and for people to invest in new ideas and businesses.  It shouldn’t be used for people to get freebies!  And whilst the £3.5k may well be what she needs to produce her Fringe show – by marketing it as needing £3.5k to go on a load of dates, it just makes her sound deluded!  And money-grabbing.

There are hundreds of acts each year who head to Fringe, and have to cover the costs themselves.  Asking for crowdfunding is really quite tight and selfish – even if the real reason is the PR she’ll get for the story.

Fairplay to MSF, they seem to have offered her a lot of discounts to offer anyone who does crowdfund her scheme, and she’s managed to raise £880 (helped by an article in the Daily Mail today) … but I just think ideas like this pollute the real value of crowdfunding websites.

Soapbox rant over!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

2 Comments on Since when did ‘Crowdfunding’ become a Euphemism for Taking the Piss?!

  1. Hmmm, so “she’s exhausted the London dating scene” – I’m not sure whether to feel better or worse that I didn’t make the list! Still, at least I’m not going to end up the subject of a comedy festival…….

    • If you check out the Daily Mail article (!!!) there are a few more choice quotes, including having a 2 minute silence when she found her first grey hair …. Hmm ….

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