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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Diary Days, by blogger Jordi Sinclair of Thirty Something London is a must-see comedy night.  Why? Because it’s completely unplanned and unscripted.  It’s just members of the audience reading excerpts from the teenage diaries and love letters.

I went last month, and it was literally hilarious.  Audience members come prepared with particularly funny sections, containing everything from sex stories, to teenage crushes, declarations of love and tales of childhood rebellion.  No one knows what’s coming next.  And it’s brilliant.

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When I read, I chose to read some of my gushy, over-amorous, excited entries about my first ever boyfriend.  Others shared stories of their first cigarettes, trying to lose their virginity. and hating their parents.  The unplanned, ancient comedy is brilliant, because we’ve all been there.  We all recognise the teenage voices.  If you grew up in the eighties and nineties, this is the show for you.  We were a generation who didn’t have Facebook and Twitter to share on, so we wrote each other letters, and emails, and committed our every day movements to paper.

The next diary days in on Tuesday night (May 12th), at The Book Club.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook, or HERE to buy tickets (£5).

Charly xx

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