New Online Dating Sites and Apps I’ve Discovered This Week

Online Dating

It’s literally a matter of days since I compiled the A-Z of Dating Apps – a list of over 100 apps which I had to split out into 4 posts because it was so long.  And yet in the two weeks since then, I’ve discovered another 5 apps and sites I’d never heard of before.  And I spend my days living and breathing dating news!



One thing I would suggest to anyone currently creating a dating app, is that you name your app something which makes it easy to find on the internet.  I can’t even remember how I came across this app, but it’s just taken me 20 minutes to find out any details about it online, because when you type ‘Glue dating app’ into Google, the search engine thinks you’ve mis-typed ‘Get’ dating app! Doh!

What I did work out is that it’s a REALLY new social networking app.  It seems to be an app you can use to make plans with your friends …. but with no website or reviews, I can’t find anything more than that.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 15.46.22

Check Him Out

An online dating site, offering a similar ‘a-symmetrical’ dating experience to Antidate and Siren – i.e. men and women have completely different experiences of the site- the premise of this site is genuinely a man supermarket.  Women are dubbed the ‘shoppers’ and men are the goods you ‘check out’ – otherwise known as the ‘Man-ventory’.  Surely there’s empowerment, and then there’s just objectification.


At First Sight

An American dating app, where you upload dating profile videos.  This isn’t a new app, it just doesn’t exist in the UK.  The main selling point (apart from using videos) seems to be its links to the hit TV show ‘The Bachelor’.  It was apparently created by Chris Harrison (the host of The Bachelor) and the show’s creator.

Salad Match

Salad Match

Powered by ‘Just Salad’ – a US mixed salad chain – this app looks like a complete rip-off of Tinder.  The only differences being you start by telling it what type of salad you like to eat, and then instead of swiping left to say no, you literally ‘chop’ them with a salad chopper!  Interesting visual!


2 Comments on New Online Dating Sites and Apps I’ve Discovered This Week

  1. Objectification is just one term. Women will love it. Ooh. the power!

  2. Online dating is a fun and safer alternative to meeting strangers in bars, without first knowing them

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