Happy 2nd Birthday 30 Dates Blog!

On July 2nd 2013 I wrote a Facebook status which would change my life entirely.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 22.40.33

Six days later I wrote my first ever blog post.

After that, the fun truly began. 30 very different dates, with 30 different guys.  30 Blind Dates before my 30th birthday at the end of September.


There have been some ups, and some downs!

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 22.40.00

But mostly ups – 30 Dates led me to set up the UK Dating Awards, and work for both the Guardian and Time Out.  I now regularly appear on Woman’s Hour, and host Guardian Masterclasses in both blogging and dating.  I’ve interviewed celebrities, travelled the world, and had an incredible amount of fun.

Oh … and I finally met a boy! (who wasn’t from Henley!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 17.26.49This week the blog celebrated its 2nd birthday.  Some of you will remember I celebrated the blog’s first birthday last year by checking back in with the guys who went on my original 30 Dates with me.  Some were still single, others were very much not.  How about 2 years on?

Well a couple are still single, but The Skype Date is now married, The Fake Pimpernell is engaged, and a guy who asked me out during the 30 Dates challenge (but I didn’t date because I knew him) even has a child.  Just going to show how much can change over 2 years!

So how do I plan to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Challenge?

The Rugby Boy and I will be re-creating the 30 Dates I went on, but with the same dates this time! Last year I re-visited the boys … this year I revisit the dates!

Which means over the next 3 months I’ll be trekking up mountains, locking myself in Escape Rooms, dining in the dark and going on treasure hunts with The Rugby Boy! Watch this space for some fun date ideas!

PS … check out the new cartoon, complete with a new London monument, and my new haircut!!

Charly xxx

charley_2015 copy




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