The Politics of the Wedding Invite

June 27, 2015

As you grow older, you could be forgiven for thinking you grow wiser. For assuming playground games and friendship evaluations are a thing of the past. But the reality of modern life is that just when you think you’re a real adult, society slaps [...]

Friend Today, Gone Tomorrow

September 22, 2014

Like most bloggers, I often treat this site like a personal diary.  I was a journal keeper from the age of 14 to 26, and so it’s no real surprise that often I’ll come home, and before heading to bed feel the need to type.  Writing [...]

Breaking Up With A Friend

July 2, 2014

Towards the start of the 30 Dates Challenge I ‘broke up’ with someone. No, it wasn’t a guy. And no, I’m not bi-sexual. (Or a ‘fake lesbian’ – for anyone who has been keeping up with the rather odd comments posted recently [...]