Charly Lester (Miss 29)

The girl behind the dating blog!


When this dating blog first started, Charly Lester  was a twenty-nine year-old Financial Contractor, writing anonymously as ‘Miss Twenty-Nine’.  She was living in a small village in Berkshire, and working in banking.  All her friends were coupled up, and she felt like she was being left behind, because she was the only single one left.

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A bad online dating experience led to a random Facebook post, which led to this dating blog.

Thanks to 30 Dates Blog, Charly is now one of Britain’s most well-recognised Dating Industry Experts.  In November 2014 she was offered the role of Global Head of Dating for the global magazine Time Out, and she is CEO and Founder of the UK Dating Awards, the European Dating Awards, and the US Dating Awards.  Charly appears regularly on national TV and radio discussing all things dating, and her advice has appeared in most national magazines.  She presents regular Guardian Masterclasses on Blogging, and School of Life classes on Social Media.  In 2015, Charly was an Expert Advisor to Lord Sugar in the final of the BBC TV series The Apprentice.

As you can find out by reading the dating blog, it was never planned, which is what makes the successes and opportunities which have stemmed from it all so exciting.

Thousands of people all around the world now know what a ‘Henley Boy‘ is, and how to make the most of being single.  Every week, Charly is lucky enough to receive emails from daters all over the world, asking questions, sharing opinions, and adding to what has now become a global community of singletons.

Charly no longer blogs about dating, however she is widely recognised as an industry expert and appears regularly on TV, on the radio and in the press.  To contact her email

You can find out more about Charly & all her current projects at

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