30 Dates Around the World

So I Have a Confession to Make …

November 30, 2014

Yes I have a confession to make! Though I don’t think it’s a bad one! When I first booked my flights to Australia three or four months ago, I had various reasons. I hadn’t been on holiday properly for almost two years, and the craziness that [...]

New 30 Dates Cartoon by Gingerbread Art

May 20, 2014

Huge thanks to the girls at Footloose Comics & Gingerbread Art for this brand new cartoon of ‘Miss Twenty-Nine’ to celebrate the blog hitting an incredible 200,000 hits last night! Wonder where she’ll go next! 😉 Thanks so [...]

A Shetland Love Story (The Flash)

April 30, 2014

This month on the blog, the Experimental Daters have been writing about LOVE!  Our resident photographer The Flash rounds up April on the 30 Dates Blog with a story of some rather lovely letters! Miss Twenty-Nine xxx I have 48 love letters. None of [...]

Dropping the L Bomb (Fader)

April 26, 2014

Carrying on with this fortnight’s theme of LOVE, Fader has a rather exciting revelation … Miss Twenty-Nine xxx Confession time: last week, when “well-refreshed” on rum cocktails and full of the Devon sea air, I drunkenly told The [...]

The Man in The Mirror (The Student)

April 23, 2014

The Student meets The Man in The Mirror, and comes away reflecting on some realities of dating! Miss Twenty-Nine xxx   I definitely abide by the rule that you can always tell a man by his shoes. Last night my date was wearing silver shoes. [...]

More 30 Dates in the Huffington Post

April 22, 2014

Just in case you need more 30 Dates advice in your life, I’ve been moonlighting over at the Huffington Post (and actually, shock horror, using my real name in the process!) If you’d like to catch up on the posts I’ve written for [...]

Destination Two – Amsterdam, Holland

April 20, 2014

Time for the second date of the 30 Dates Around the World …. It’s Easter Weekend and The Coincidental Dater and I decided to make the most of the long weekend with a trip to Amsterdam.  As with Dublin, it’s a city I’ve been [...]