30 dates challenge

30 Dates, One Year On … The Enigma

September 29, 2014

It’s September 29th, which means exactly a year ago today I finished my 30 Dates, trekking up to the Hollywood sign in LA with the Hollywood Actor.  30 Blind Dates down, a whole year of adventures to come!  As one of the birthday cards [...]

30 Dates, One Year On … The Big Kid

August 17, 2014

This time last year, I was midway through my 30 Dates Challenge.  I had just flown to Spain, and was about to go on Dates 15 and 16 in Madrid.  Hopefully later this month we should hear what the Argentine Matador has been up to in the year since I [...]

The Catch 22 of Being a Dating Blogger

April 13, 2014

It’s a weird situation, dating and blogging about it. I’ve always tried to be as open about the blog as possible with guys. In the beginning, the blog was all about the 30 Dates challenge, and my dates were willing volunteers. Often they’d [...]

Table for Two?

March 29, 2014

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A number of you reading this post, particularly anyone based in England, will remember a dating show called ‘Streetmate’.  Davina McCall (pre-Big Brother), would find a random singleton in the street, and make it her job to play Cupid. [...]

The Eighth Date of Christmas

January 2, 2014

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New Year’s Day is never a good day to schedule a first date! For a start, there’s the rather obvious hangover aspect. And then there’s the January weather to contend with, which at present in England is ghastly. So quite why I decided to [...]