Prince Harry

Why I (Don’t) Wanna Marry Harry

September 14, 2014

Prince Harry has hit most headlines this weekend.  And rightly so.  The Invictus Games have been an incredible achievement, and one which he has been at the heart of.  Whilst when it comes to front pages photos the Duchess of Cambridge may be the [...]

I AM Inspired! – The Invictus Games

September 13, 2014

From the moment I first heard about the Invictus Games I was sold. And not just because Prince Harry is the face of the Games! Something the past year of dating in London has really done for me, is give human faces to the Army. Any girl of a certain [...]

The Online Sleuth & The Secret Hotel

March 8, 2014

No Picture
First dates can be pretty stressful. In fact one of the main reasons I first agreed to do 30 Dates was to remove the unnecessary nerves and build-up which you can so easily place on a first date. The more dates you go on, the more you relax about [...]