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The One Night Stand

June 15, 2014

Here at 30 Dates we’ve been talking a lot about Sex when you’re not yet in a relationship.  And the responses so far to my posts about Not Inviting a Guy to Stay Over (unless you plan to sleep with him), and Not Sleeping with a Guy [...]

Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day

June 15, 2014

Like anyone who has lost their father, today is always rather bittersweet for me. My Dad was my best friend growing up – as I grow older, I realise just how similar we are.  He always had some crazy project on the go which he would throw [...]

On The Rebound

June 12, 2014

There’s a reason the expression exists – because it’s a common situation, repeated time after time by different people. And one that we’re all likely to come across at some point in our dating days, whether as the one on the rebound, or [...]

The Single Quote – Keavy Lynch

June 9, 2014

A few weeks ago, I met up with Keavy Lynch from B*witched.  You’ll be able to read my full interview with her later this week on the Guardian Soulmates blog, but I thought I’d give you a taster. Keavy is 35 and unmarried.  She’s [...]

When Sexuality & Faith Collide

June 6, 2014

This week we’ve been talking about Sexuality here at 30 Dates, and when one reader emailed in to ask if her friend could write a guest post, I was more than happy to agree.  One of the things I love most about 30 Dates is the way it has grown [...]

A Polite Time To Leave

June 5, 2014

Manners are something I’ve always found important.  I was brought up to be terribly British – apologising for things which weren’t my fault, queuing up behind people who pushed in front of me – I’m sure you all know [...]

You’re Single Because ….

May 31, 2014

Three simple words … Which somehow have become an insult! The only time you should use the phrase ‘you’re single because …’ is if a friend asks you why you think he or she is single. Any other time, you’re [...]