UKDA 2014 – The Best Dressed List

Resident blog stylist Sian Miller was at the UK Dating Awards earlier this month and shares her favourite outfits of the night …

Please let us know if you recognise someone we haven’t!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Sequin trouser look

This is the perfect example of how to a) dress up in a pair of trousers and b) how to make all over black look exciting! 

Sequin trousers are a great alternative to a dress or a skirt and still look just as glamorous on the red carpet.

The danger of wearing an all black outfit is that it can look a bit flat but this is a great example of how texture and materials can ensure an all black ensemble stands out. The sparkle and texture of the trousers along with the satin lining of the blazer adds focus to the look and catches the light, lifting the color and making her stand out. On top of that, she has dressed really well for her frame, she is tall and slim which means she can pull off the loose fitting trousers while the tailored shape of the blazer shows off her shape. Great look.


Red dress look

(Alexia Charalambous, Blogger)

Every woman should own a little red dress and Alex is showing us exactly why. The shape highlights her curves and the length is perfect. I particularly love the scalloped edging round the neckline, little details like this just add a little something extra to the dress.

I really like how Alexia has co-ordinated her accessories even down to her nail color, it really pulls the whole look together and shows that she has really considered every aspect of her outfit and it really works. She looks classy, sophisticated and red carpet ready!


Long black strapless dress look

(Nana Wereko-Broby, Matchmaker)

Nana is a picture of elegance and just shows you the power of a simple black dress. She has chosen the perfect shape to flatter her figure and the strapless style adds a touch of glamour. 

I like the fact that she has let the dress speak for itself and kept her accessories to a minimum. Her simple up do shows off the gorgeous earrings and the small clutch keeps the look clean and minimal. This is a great look in general and a great look for her, perfect example of when less is more.


Purple hair

(Sukki Singapora, Burlesque Dancer)

This is such a striking look it just had to be in the best dressed list. The mermaid dress is a great color on Suki and coupled with her fantastic hair she looks just like a mermaid! I love the vibrant color in this look and the way she has kept the color theme going throughout. She’s picked out the blue lining of the dress in her jewellery and i’m taking a guess that this was all centered around her hair colour and if so, I love that she has made her hair part of her outfit! 

The shape of this dress is great for creating that hourglass look and perfect on the red carpet, great outfit!


The Stylish Trio

(Jack Knowles, Lucy Harrold, Dating Beyond)

Going for a triple whammy with this stylish trio! Lucy Harrold looks fantastic in her dress and is a great example of how some detailing can transform a simple style dress into something red carpet worthy. The gold detailing really stands out against the black dress and coupled with the deep red of her lipstick and nails makes this the perfect autumn/winter look. I really like that she has kept accessories to a minimum in order to the let her dress do the talking, the smart black and gold watch is just right to complete this look.

These two gentleman are showcasing how to rock two differing styles and the perfect example of dressing to suit. Jack, on the left, picked perfectly with his bow tie and velvet jacket and I like his decision to leave the jacket open for a more relaxed look. The gentleman on the right opted for a slightly more formal look with a tie and buttoned up jacket which I think works perfectly for him. I like that he has opted for something different by wearing trousers with a shine to them, together with the satin lapels of him jacket it adds a nice touch for a red carpet finish.


Blue long sleeved dress

I really love this dress. The gathering detail flatters her tall slender frame while creating curves and the sleeves and length keep it demure while the plunging neckline adds a glamorous element. Nothing goes better with a deep blue dress than a slick of red lipstick and this lady has got the look spot on. I think she looks really elegant and effortless and I really feel she has completed the look by keeping her hair and accessories simple, too much fuss would ruin the effect of this dress.

Sian xx

Sian Miller is a freelance fashion stylist and personal stylist specialising in live events and editorial styling. She’s worked on events for various shopping centres around the country, styling catwalk models and dancers, as well as styling for a number of national magazines. Sian’s blog focuses on showing you how to create different looks, how to style trends to suit everyone and how to make the most out of your wardrobe. You can also contact her at for any enquiries, be it work or fashion advice!

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  1. iDatingMarket // December 1, 2014 at 5:21 am // Reply

    Looks like it was a beautiful event!

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