#UKDA2014 Winner’s Interview – Best New Dating Site


New dating website The Inner Circle scooped not one, but two Awards at this year’s UK Dating Awards.  The company won Best Newcomer Dating Site and Best London Dating Event.  Inner Circle is an invite-only dating site for city professionals.  The website will soon be active in ten different European cities, New York and Sydney.

Newcomer Website

I interviewed Michael Krayehnhoff, one of the website’s Founders.

How does it feel to win the Awards?

It is a fantastic recognition that the leading industry experts chose The Inner Circle as “Best Newcomer Website”. We already have a lot of happy members who have found love through our site but winning this award is the ultimate proof that our concept works.

Winning the award of “Best London Event” is a great honour as London is a city full of exciting experiences. We have worked hard to organise incredible nights out at the most fancy venues around London. A great reward after all the hard work and devotion!


Why do you think you won your category?

The Inner Circle is a completely different concept from traditional dating websites. It focuses on being a trustworthy community where members meet through friends and travel. It is a natural and fun way of connecting online and meeting offline

What was the highlight of your evening at the Award Show?

The most important moment was finding out whether we won the award for Best Newcomer Website. Hearing the releasing words was a brilliant moment. Another highlight of the evening was getting lost in east london after the party and ending up in the most dodgy place possible, in tuxedo with 2 dating awards.

What will you do with your Award?

After showing the Awards to our parents we will put them away, safely locked in our German vault at the headquarters!


What did you think of the first year of the UK Dating Awards?

It is great to see the Dating Industry maturing and awards that recognise industry excellence is an important part of that. In the vast ocean of websites it is good to have a couple beacons indicating people to the reliable and good websites.

Why did you decide to get involved with the very first year of the Awards?

As a new company the awards provided a great way to get to know other people in the industry and to benchmark our concept and progress against others.


Have you done anything particularly big in 2014?

2014 has been an exciting year for us with strong growth. We introduced our app and launched new cities such as Stockholm and Milan, adding a more international element to the community.


What are the key values which underpin your brand?

Trust, Exclusivity, Global Reach

What are your plans for 2015?

In 2015 we are looking to further stamp our mark on London. We will also launch in more European cities and make the jump across the Ocean to the city that never sleeps.


If you want to join the fun at the Inner Circle, for a limited time only, you can use my exclusive invite here – https://www.theinnercircle.co/i/charlottele


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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