The 30 Dates Challenge in Photos – Part Two

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Continuing on from yesterday’s post (or this morning’s post for those of you reading this in the UK) …. Here’s the second third of my 30 Date Challenge in photo form 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

(Not sure if I should admit this …. I just wrote ‘Miss Twenty-Four! Spot the one denying she turns 30 in four days!!!)

My Challenge makes it into a local newspaper – who really didn’t understand anonymity! (I had to lie about where I live!!)  And REALLY didn’t understand the purpose of the Challenge!!

Date 10.2

Meeting Stitch in Bristol on Date 11 – and very awkwardly telling him about the Challenge and blog – to a very unexpected reaction


And then hiking through a pitch-black wood with a complete stranger, to see this view!


Date Twelve – The 10/10 Date – HintHunt and Dans Le Noir with The Enigma



After the confusion with the Fake Pimpernel, I finally met the Original Pimpernel, and had a day at London Zoo – Date Thirteen.



Getting stood up, and then finding a Replacement for my Date 14 to Somerset House …. ‘The Upgrade’ 



And then getting straight onto a plane for the halfway mark of the challenge – Madrid

My host in Madrid – Signor28, rowing me across a lake!

Date 15.1

Dinner on my awful Date 15 – The Booby Prize

Date 15.2

My Date with the Argentine Matador at the Bull Fighting …

photo-7photo-4photo-2Date 16.1(This is the cool part where the bull is too tired, so they let him get ‘saved’ by the cows!)

Back in England I had a covert second date with The Enigma climbing the O2, and then dining at the OXO Tower

Date 16.4

Date 16.3

Getting my car impounded just before Date 17 with The Pupil (one of the most awkward dates of the Challenge)

Date 17

Date 17.1

My most random date – Date 18 – The Toilet Tour & Afternoon Tea with The Fresh Prince



The selfie we sent our mutual friend in Los Angeles – who probably thinks London is tiny as we’re the only Brits he knows and we were on a date together!

Date 18.2

Date Nineteen – Notting Hill Carnival and Geocaching with The Best Man



Pop Up Dining at Disappearing Dining


Date Twenty – A Tinder date who I told I was a restaurant critic!

The Ice Bar & Mr Fogg’s (The home of Phileas Fogg)



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