More Experimental Daters Needed!

Just a quick message to say I’m still on the hunt for Experimental Daters – particularly anyone who fits any of the following criteria ….

  • Are you a Single Parent?
  • Are you into Astrology?
  • Are you gay or bisexual?
  • Do you work in zoology? – looking for an expert on animal courtship to look at animal dating!
  • Are you disabled in some way?
  • Are you in a Friends with Benefits relationship, or have you been?
  • Do you have a F*ck Buddy?
  • Are you transgender?
  • Did you change sexuality later in life?
  • Did you only have sex once you got married?
  • Anyone in a multi-partner relationship / open relationship
  • Anyone whose partner is dramatically older or younger than them

Or if you’ve read the other Dater profiles and not identified with anyone yet, or think you could bring a different voice to the blog, then please get in touch!

If you’re new to the blog, or haven’t read it for a while, the point of the Experimental Daters is to find 30 different voices for the blog, and 30 different angles on the various experiments.  I don’t want 30 Dates to just be my ideas and experiences of dating, and so have already enlisted the help of a number of different daters.

So far I’ve introduced TOWTS, Fader, The Champagne Hero, Mister Mischief, Tabula Rasa, The Rebound Gal, Blonde Ambition, Epiphany, The Flash, The Best Man, The Airport Guy, Miss 32 and The New Realist, who will all be contributing to the blog in different ways across the coming weeks.  However I still need 17 more Daters – you don’t have to be single to apply.  And you don’t have to be a writer – I’m open to other media being included on the blog, and we now have a YouTube channel if you’re interested in producing short videos about dating, or filming video blog entries.

If the idea of being involved with 30 Dates – The Experiments appeals, then please get in touch, either over Twitter @30Dates, or by email to thirtydates@hotmail, and please keep spreading the word so we can get as many different voices, and touch as many different people, no matter where they are in the Dating Game!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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