FEAR – Love & Lust London Halloween Party (The Rebound Gal & The Champagne Hero)

Regular blog readers will know I was stuck on my sofa with nothing scarier than Hollyoaks on Halloween night … however some of the Experimental Daters were having a lot more fun!  The Rebound Gal, Champagne Hero and Miss 32 all attended the Love & Lust London event, and I know they all enjoyed themselves … because by all accounts, they all enjoyed ‘successful’ nights!

To give a balanced view of the evening – from both a guy and a girl’s perspective – I asked both The Rebound Gal and Champagne Hero to write up the event ….


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


The Female Perspective

Thursday night, in hindsight, is never a good night to go out and get drunk.

However, when the prospect of a singles night at the exclusive Beaufort House in Chelsea called, my usual rule of no drinking on a school night, went completely (and utterly!!) out the window!

The night was run by Love & Lust London – the same people that ran the singles night that Miss29 attended in the summer, and according to all reports, it was definitely worth it!

Also in the 30 Dates Crew were Miss32, her friend the Dark Angel, and The Champagne Hero, who hadn’t remembered the fancy dress requirement! (We finally decided on Harry Potter, he had a tie and borrowed Miss32’s broom! I drew his lightening scar on with lipstick!!)

After a quick bite at Azteca Latin Lounge (and a few margaritas) we headed over to join the party.

Everyone looked amazing and the drinks were flowing!

There were a lot of good-looking people in attendance, one guy in particular, dressed as Clarke Kent/Superman, was very nice to look at, although every time I spoke to him, I got very disapproving glares from another girl. I quickly gave up on that one!!

I spent most of the night saying I couldn’t have anymore to drink and that I needed to leave, but when The Champagne Hero lived up to his name, I changed my mind! The night ended when I finally managed to drag my, slightly worse for wear, self home at 3am.

You can always tell you’ve had a good night when you’re three hours late for work the next morning. Oops!!

Love & Lust London at Beaufort House is a really fun night out. I would highly recommend it to any singletons out there. I did share a cheeky kiss (or two) with someone that night, but for the most part I’d say that it’s more just a good night out in a good bar than a place to meet your future partner!!

I’m definitely going to the Christmas Party!!

As for me, I’m still looking for that eclipse!

Dating feels a bit like standing on the edge of a diving board. You know it’ll be great when you do it, but that initial jump is so hard!!

Anyway, best go and perfect my dive!

The Rebound Gal  xx

The Male Perspective

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to the singles night. For one, I already had plans that night which I was looking forward to and for another I had never before been to a singles night.

However, when my plans for the night unravelled, I decided to go along and meet some of the other Experimental Daters and see what all the fuss about Love & Lust was about.

We all met at the Azteca Latina Lounge on the Kings Road, opposite the Beaumont Club which was to be our destination later for the singles party. A good meal and a fair few cocktails ensured that after a while we had all gotten to know each other sufficiently well and were lubricated enough to take on the singles’ night.

Not knowing what to expect I went with a very open mind and had an amazing night in the process.

I have never before been in a scenario whereby I’m in a bar and people wilfully come up to me and ask if I’m single and therefore would I like to chat. The place itself was a great bar, a members-only place on the Kings Road and there were plenty of Chelsea-types around, good music and a great vibe.

As a group of four (I brought a friend) who hadn’t met each other before the night had great potential to be awkward. Particularly as Miss 29 was unable to come at the last moment.  As it turned out, the night was designed for people to be very open and forward with each other, and there was interaction and flirting on a scale I haven’t seen in London before.

All round I would say the night was a resounding success and having previously been something of a skeptic, I’m definitely a convert to the idea of singles events.

The music, atmosphere, location and above all the company I was with made for a superb night. And thanks to the night, I now have a couple of dates to look forward to when I get back to the UK, which is also a bonus!

The Champagne Hero

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