Cyborg Dating?!

If you’ve been single for a while, you may feel like you’ve heard it all!  Pheromone Dating, Silent Dating, Dating in the Dark … is there a next step?

Yes there is!!

Welcome to the world of Cyborg Dating – an experience demoed at a festival in Utrecht recently by an outdoor virtual reality company.  No, don’t worry you don’t have to date a cyborg … you just become one for the afternoon, with the help of virtual reality goggles!  One half of each couple wore a ‘Google Cardboard’  while their other half led them around a virtual forest, set out around the town, and navigated by GPS.

Daters no longer need to worry about being told off for being on their phone during a date … because you’re actually controlling the date from it!

Obviously the tech is rather basic … but it will be interesting to see how much virtual reality affects dating in future!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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