Get £20 off Your First Mobile Beauty Treatment from Priv

We are millennials, we are the Uber generation.  We don’t have time to wait around, or make appointments.  We want life to happen now and, thanks to smart phones, the world is at our finger tips!


I’ve always been a big fan of the ease of taxi app Uber (for those of you who haven’t used the app in London yet, use the 30DATES promo code for £20 off your first taxi trip with the app).  And so when I came across new app Priv, I loved the idea.

The idea is simple, next time you need a haircut, a blow dry, a massage, your nails or make-up done, or even a personal training session, you can use the app to call someone to wherever you are.

Priv icons

The list of services seems endless – from spray tans, to gelicures, pedicures and hair put ups.  And the on-call service means you don’t need to plan the pampering in advance.  If you’re based in the London area, the beauticians, hairdressers, masseuses and personal trainers will come direct to you.  And for most of the services, if you book with a friend or two, you get group discounts.  Pamper night in anybody?!



Last week I tried out 3 of the company’s services.  First off, the lovely Janine arrived to do my nails.  I sat catching up on Hollyoaks, while Janine gave me a full manicure with gel polish nails.  To be honest it was real treat to have a full nail bar experience, but to actually choose what was on the TV.  Normally getting my nails done is something I struggle to find time to do, but by being able to call Janine to my home, it meant I could fit the appointment completely around my schedule, didn’t need to factor in time for travelling, and could combine the nail appointment with something else … Hollyoaks!



Nails looking pretty, it was time to try out one of Priv’s hair stylists.  Natalie Souza, my Priv hair stylist, has done hair for the likes of Naomi Campbell, and she was awesome.  Again, it was great to be able to control what I was doing, while she looked after my hair.  I literally sat at my laptop, doing work, while Natalie blow-dried my hair, and styled it to one side for me.





Finally, I got to trial one of Priv’s top make-up artists.  Scarlett Rainer was genuinely incredible.  I’ve had my make-up done a fair few times before, and never been overly happy with the results.  Normally make-up either looks good in photos, or in real life, but really looks good in both.  A few nights before Scarlett had been doing Millie Mackintosh and Zara Martin’s make-up for the Brits!

I absolutely loved what Scarlett did with my make-up.  She asked just the right questions, and really made sure everything suited me. Check this out – no filters.  She literally made my face glow, my cheekbones pop, and my nose looks way slimmer than normal.  I LOVED it!  And have already booked her for this year’s UK Dating Awards!



I love the concept of Priv, and my experiences of the app were really good.  As someone who can never get to a beauticians early enough for a spray tan the night before most of the big events I go to, and who ends up sitting in nail parlours with my laptop perched on my knees, or sitting in a hair dresser, awkwardly trying to check my phone, it was great to have everything done in my own home, on my schedule.

I will definitely be using the app again, and you guys can too, with this special code!

Priv logo

If you download the free app, and load up the promo code ’30dates’, it will give you £20 off your first booking using Priv.  That’s £20 off a manicure, pedicure, haircut, blow dry, massage, spray tan or personal training session.


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx



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