Online Dating News – Man Creates A Dating Site Where He’s The Only Male Member!

Not having any luck Online Dating?  Why not create your own Dating Site?!

No, really!  That’s exactly what a bartender in Brooklyn did.  But he didn’t just create his own online dating site.  He made sure he didn’t have any competition, by guaranteeing that he was the man on the dating site!

Introducing – a dating website where you can only date Brandon Scott Wolf!  Not only is the name of the website specific, the logo is also designed around Brandon Scott Wolf’s goatee-adorned face!

Date Brandon Scott Wolf

The site opens when a video by Brandon, introducing himself and asking you to check out his profile.

Female applicants are encouraged to fill in a personality test (where all the choices to answers relate to Brandon’s favourite things), and then write an essay of between 500-1000 words about why the want to date him.

Apparently it’s not a spoof – over 650 women have applied to go on a date with the 25 year-old, and he’s already been on one date thanks to his new dating site.

It’s certainly a novel approach!

3 Comments on Online Dating News – Man Creates A Dating Site Where He’s The Only Male Member!

  1. Now that’s swimming out to your ship!

  2. Too lazy/busy to stalk random women on Facebook like other desperate singletons who are too tall for their hair…

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