The 30 Dates Challenge in Photos – Part Three

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One date to go, and here is the final third of the photos I’ve taken during my crazy three-month Dating Challenge.  Following on from Part One and Part Two, here is Part Three of the 30 Dates by 30 Challenge in photo form ….

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Singles Wine-Tasting at Vinopolis

photo-2 copyphoto-6

The Return of The Henley Boy …. 

1) The Card which I sent him 

photo-2 copy 2

2) The Text which I got less than 24 hours later ….


3) And the text I got just before he rang …


Date 21 – watching seated volleyball at National Paralympic Day with The Stallion


And bumping into Boris in the process 


I got stood up on Date 22, and ended up finishing one of the most random days of the Challenge with a Skype Date


More Singles events with Miss32 


Miss32 sending her first ever Tweet –

Date 23.4

I tried to go on Date 22 again, with better luck this time – meeting up with The Queen’s Guard


Date 23 was Sushi-Making with The Oxford Blue


His efforts were questionable ….


Time for two dates in one day – first Date 24 – a Treasure Hunt with the Exhibitionist




And then fifteen minutes later …. Date 25 – the Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour with The Big Kid

photo-2 copy 2



The Upgrade (my Date 14) makes it into The Sun when four of us try out Shhh Dating

Date 25

Date Twenty-Six – Dine Mile High Mozambique with The Jet-Setter


Date Twenty-Seven – BUG and The Ivy with The Superhero Alter-Ego


Travelling to New York after Date 28 with The Voice


Date 29.2

On my first morning in the States, the blog hits 50,000 hits 🙂 

Date 29.0

Date 29 with the very smooth New Yorker 


Visiting the Musical ‘First Dates’ and meeting the star – Zachary Levi

photo-12photo-2 copy 2photo-2 copy

Which gets me here …. Los Angeles … with my final date booked in for my final day as a 29 year-old (this Sunday)

Here’s some pics from the Dodgers Game I went to this evening 🙂 


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