Two Dating Videos Which Are Not Spoofs!

UK Dating Industry Commentary

These days I literally live and breathe the dating industry, and as regular readers will know, I am very passionate about people not ripping off singletons!  Being single can be emotionally draining enough, without having to deal with charlatans trying to trick you out of your hard earned cash, in the hopes of finding a partner.

And so, it was at first with amusement, and then with disappointment that I came across two videos recently.  Both of which I find hilarious.  But both of which, are unfortunately NOT spoofs.  These are genuine matchmakers.

The first is a company called the Sloane Arranger.

Now, I love the name.  And there is nothing wrong with finding a niche.  A number of the most successful matchmakers I know have very select target audiences.  Most people who entrust their dating life in a matchmaker, look for someone who reminds them of themselves.  However, the video below reminded me of something out of the old British female comedy show Smack the Pony.  And yet it’s apparently completely serious?! I can’t work out if Lady Lara Asprey is trying to get matchmaking clients, or just become a TV star.  My money is on the latter.  (On a side note … I have never met a real Lord or Lady (who didn’t buy their title on the internet) who actually uses their title online???)

The second is actually a set of videos, by the company I mentioned recently, Unwritten Rule.

The company was founded by the Apprentice ‘star’ Sarah Dales (the one who got kicked off in the first week, after demanding all the girls on her team wore more make-up and short skirts for success.)  As part of the launch, she and her business partner have made a series of advice videos for singletons.  I repeat … THIS IS NOT A SPOOF!

Yes, both videos are rather amusing … but for all the wrong reasons, when you remember these people genuinely charge money for dating advice and services.  If you’re single, and looking for the services of a matchmaker or dating expert, I would recommend taking some time to read reviews on the internet.  Read things they’ve written, and look for recommendations by other customers.  What approach works best for you?  Do you need the services of an individual, or do you just need a website or a book?

Finding a matchmaker or dating coach is a really personal thing, and anyone worth his or her salt will meet with you in person, without charge, so you can get a feel for whether they are the right person to be working with you.

Charly xxx

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