Experimental Dater Seven – Blonde Ambition

So I was beginning to notice a bit of an absence of one specific type of Singleton amongst the Experimental Daters announced so far.  Fader, Tabula Rasa and myself are all brunettes, and The Rebound Gal is (currently!) a redhead.  Definitely time to bring out the blonde!

Blonde Ambition is a relatively new dating blogger – she began her dating blog ‘The Wedding Date Challenge‘ just last month – inspired by her sister’s wedding next year, and I happened to stumble upon it last week.  I love her style of writing, and candid honesty, and I think a lot of you will too, which is why I’ve asked her to join the team of Experimental Daters.


Blog Name – Blonde Ambition

Twitter Account – @keechycakes

Age – 24

Location – London, England

Relationship Status – Single (for a couple of months)

Sexuality – Straight female

Religion – I attended Catholic school (if that counts?!)

Height – 5’5″

Body Type – Slender/athletic

Job – Communications Executive

Education – Bachelor’s degree

Hobbies – Baking (and the mandatory gym visits afterwards), dancing, rowing, reading… and cocktails (in my case they constitute a hobby!)

Ideal Partner –

Looks (a girl would be lying if she said they didn’t matter)

  1. They must be taller than me (not difficult to say I’m 5 foot 5) but not freakishly so.
  2. Dark hair (tall, dark and handsome is definitely my type)
  3. Athletic build (rugby players are ideal)
  4. Afternoon shadow is a good look (rather than looking like a fresh faced 12 year old)
  5. Good sense of style – if they own a Barbour… they stand a good chance


  1. Gentlemanly behaviour is always a winner in my eye
  2. Funny (in a laughing with them, not at them kind of way – just to clarify
  3. Must have their own interests (no one likes Mr Clingy) but mustn’t expect me to share them
  4. Well-educated – someone who can hold a conversation
  5. Outgoing and sociable… I’m looking for wedding date material here

 Past experience has taught me…

  1. To avoid gentlemen’s club members (or those wishing to join)… while I like ‘toffees’, I do not like listening to them drone on about the club, boasting about being a member and expecting me to be impressed by how well connected they are.
  2. Alcoholics are not a viable date option
  3. Neither are those with foul tempers

Longest Relationship – Six months (on and off)

Why do you think you’re single? – As much as I enjoy being in a relationship, I like to play games which test the person I’m with… I don’t respond to text messages. I purposefully wind them up and try and make them jealous. Basically, read back through this, I realise I’m a nightmare girlfriend. I suppose I’m so scared of commitment that I push potential partners away. I have yet to find someone who makes me want to behave myself. My father says I thrive off the drama, and I suppose he has a point.

Good Relationship Traits – Contrary to what I said above… in a good relationship, I’m an extremely kind and caring person. I would describe myself as quick witted and slightly quirky so dates with me could never be considered boring. I like to try new things/visit different places.

Bad Relationship Traits – I’m impatient. I’ve been told I’m difficult to read (so people don’t know when I’m interested). I can be shy if I REALLY like someone. I’m often sarcastic (lowest form of wit). I enjoy playing games far too much.

Which Dating Experiment will you be taking part in? – All are interesting, but I’m currently writing a blog about finding a date to my sister’s wedding, so it’ll be ‘Marriage’ to begin with.

How would you describe the way you date? – Very spontaneous… I never like to plan too far ahead and I find it’s the best way to find out if you’re compatible with someone.

What do you find most attractive in a date? – A good sense of humour is a must. It helps if they’re intelligent, witty and can hold a conversation (nothing worse than an awkward silence).  Due to my spontaneous nature, they need to be willing to try new things.

What do you find least attractive in a date? – It sounds silly but they must prefer dogs to cats (it can tell you a lot about the person). If they rock up wearing trainers with their suit, then it’s an instant “no”. If they’re rude or arrogant, then I don’t want to know them. Similarly, if they’re completely spoilt (not wishing to stereotype here, but they’re often only children).

Best Ever Date – Braving the cold last winter, we went for a walk along Southbank in the snow. As flakes began to fall again, we sheltered in a cute gastropub along the riverbank and had Sunday lunch. Once we could feel our toes again, we crossed the river and attended an organ recital at St. Paul’s (which had been on my bucket list since moving to London). The whole date was completely unplanned but that’s what added to its charm.

Worst Ever Date – Meeting up with guy for casual drink where the conversation didn’t flow naturally and he didn’t show any sign of being interested. When the barman asked if we wanted more drinks, he responded “No” on behalf of both us. Then, he dragged me to the tube where he insisted on accompanying me home (despite being on the opposite line). Unable to shake him off, I had to accept and suffer him on the journey home.

Celebrity Crushes – I don’t really fancy celebrities.

Remember – we’re still on the search for more Experimental Daters – particularly if you’re reading the Experimental Dater profiles and thinking to yourself ‘there’s still no one like me yet’ 🙂

Please keep sending in your applications to thirtydates@hotmail.com – remember, I’m looking for a proper variety of daters, and there are thirty different spots to fill.

Thanks for continuing to follow the blog,

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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