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For her first post on the 30 Dates Blog, I asked The Mermaid to share some of her own paintings related to dating and relationships, and describe what they mean to her, and some of her motivations for painting them.  If you like what you see below, then follow her on Facebook, and check out her website (she has some upcoming exhibits being announced across the globe, so definitely worth keeping an eye out for!)

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


Crystallised (above) –  This painting is after a breakup, when time stands still in the memories of how it once was. When it becomes apparent that all that is left now is memories to be taken as everything that we were is left behind.  Crystallised in certainty that there were beautiful moments that existed amongst the rubble that it now is. This is a Crystal.  I found a moment, which I’ve depicted in this work – possibly the moment I fell in love.  It was underwater.  In silence together we bonded in love and will always have that moment as a truth that it was worth it, even when i now find myself sourcing through rubble to find those crystallised moments in time.
fire and water
Fire and Water –  This is in the midst of love and passion.  Fire and Water,  the balance between lovers and passion.  The woman melting under the fire of the man.  This is a memory of passion at its best, when a women is felt to be liquid with intense exposure to the curious fire of the man who holds her. This is an exploration of passion.
the kiss
The Kiss – The Kiss! The release of anxiety and curiosity – a moment of euphoria, a high into a dimension that can only be reached this first time your lips unite.  All the anticipation builds into a momentary feeling of wonder in your heart as your head is buzzing with possibilities…
Thorns –  The complications as new love blossoms into the branches of a relationship.  New paths that need to be navigated as your branches begin to intertwine and blossom, grounding in a bond, laying foundations for unity.  It’s a scary thing for me.  I always find myself trying to see where nature has led my branches to grow and where I have planted the seeds. Nurturing at this delicate stage will determine how the couple will flower.
Woman –  The strength of a woman, the submission of a man.  The power of sexuality and the allure of our attraction to the opposite sex. Like a magnetic force the man’s mind is pulled towards the female form, knowing that this is in fact an empowering notion for a woman.

2 Comments on PICTURES – art/love/life (The Mermaid)

  1. WOW, I really love her work!! Would love one of those on my wall…

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