My Top Ten Posts of the Year (Mister Mischief)

At the weekend I posted my ten favourite posts and moments of the 30 Dates Blog from 2013, and I asked the other Experimental Daters to do the same thing …

First up … Mister Mischief!


Mister Mischief’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

1) The Enigma  –

Sounded like perfection and was rated 10/10.  Hint Hunt and The blind mans dinner are such interesting concepts.  Both of which I think would be memorable for anyone who went along.

2) The Big Kid –

One of the first posts I read.  Everyone should be a big kid I think, the enthusiasm, curiosity and laid back nature is endearing. Most importantly though – what’s not to like, Butterbeer and Hogwarts!!

3) art/love/life by The Mermaid –

I picked this post because I love the idea of symbolising emotions of dating and relationships in art.

Plus the art was really good – fire and water being my favourite.  My favourite artist is H.R Giger, who has a similar theme in his work 🙂

4) Where to Find a Dateable Man in London by Miss 32 –

I share the idyllic sense of how people should meet.

A serendipitous crossing of paths that blossoms into mutual affection would make for a much more romantic “how I met your mother/father” I think.  Although having recently had a blind date I now think there’s also hope in a planned rendezvous.

5) Parental Expectations by The New Realist –

I liked the analytical view / introspection of why we have a check list for a potential date / partner.

One of my main tick boxes is to find someone my parents approved of  – Christian or at least agnostic, minimalist tattoos / not too many piercings and doesn’t swear like a sailor in public etc.  However the moral of this post “it’s your life, be happy and most importantly have fun” makes me think maybe just aim to fall for someone and pray / hope they fall for you too.

6) The Polaroid Date by The Flash – 

I really liked the pictures. It’s such a cool idea, much more interesting than a standard drink in a bar. I so want to try this out with a girl who is also visually inclined / likes to take photos.

7) Planes, Trains & Automobiles by Miss 32 – 

I liked this post because of the sheer potential of attaining that “girl on the platform” meeting. I’ve met and chatted to a girl on my commute where I opened with “What are you listening to?” I really hope Miss 32 works up the courage to try again 🙂

8) The Christmas Orphan & The Story Box –

Bitter sweet story?  I like the idea of finding out more about a person through their writing.  A window into / glimpse at the inner workings and private life of Miss Twenty-Nine, shared for all.

9) A Tinderella Story – Shock & Awe Tactics –

I suppose some girls in general don’t have the same sense of humour as guys. But I reckon there are some girls who would have laughed or at the very least smiled at one or two of these.

10) Experimental Date Three – Her View (Fader) – 

Not all blind dates are a disaster 🙂

It’s not often you get to hear the other side of a date you went on, especially when you have inadvertently crafted a less than favourable reputation for yourself and are a little worried about what people think of you.

Plus the summary was nice: “Without the 30 Dates Blog, none of this madness would have ever happened.

Mister Mischief

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