Experimental Date Two – Her Side (The Rebound Gal)

Last month Dapper Gent and Blonde Ambition went on the blog’s first Experimental Date – a date between two of our writers.  It didn’t go well – despite both Dapper and Rachel (of Rachel’s Kitchen, who taught the pair how to bake during the date) thinking the date had gone well.  Blonde Ambition’s write-up was less than complimentary, and I have since her refer to it as ‘her worst ever date’ (I wish I had her dating history!)

Not deterred, TOWTS volunteered to go on an Experimental Date, and having seen the chemistry between him and Rebound Gal at the  Love & Lust Christmas Event, I decided to set the pair of them up on a date.

Now you’ll have to forgive the delay in posting this … they went on the date a week ago, and I know there have since been some dramatic developments, however I don’t feel at liberty to tell you about them … If one of the others sees fit, perhaps he or she will fill you in on what happened next … But for now, it’s time to hear what Rebound Gal thought of the date.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

When Miss 29 asked if any of the Experimental Daters fancied being paired with another, I thought it would be a good opportunity to go on a date with someone who knew what was going on! A few of us had gone for dinner and drinks the week before and I had expressed an interest in one of my fellow daters, TOWTS!! (Don’t worry, I told him I thought he was hot!)

Miss 29 got the ball rolling by suggesting that we go to a pop up event at Hoxton Docks called Drinks Feast. All we had to go on was the website, which left a lot to the imagination!

Over the next few days, TOWTS and I had a few text conversations and we arranged to meet at 7.30 at the station.

On Saturday, I had arranged an afternoon tea for one of my girlfriends, so made my way over from there. Whilst I was on my way I got a message saying he was running late. I waited at the station, it was pretty cold, but I spent the 25 mins people watching, one of my favourite pastimes. I wasn’t feeling too nervous, at least I had met TOWTS before and wasn’t going in blind!

I had also had sometime to work out where Drinks Feast was. I was therefore in charge of getting us there, and I think I did ok, I only had to check my phone once!!

On arrival we collected our tickets and picked up our tokens. TOWTS checked in his coat and offered to pay for mine as I had no change. I declined, but what a gentleman!

As part of the ticket you got 5000 tokens. The drinks you could buy were priced in tokens, and you could buy more tokens around the event. 5000 tokens was the equivalent of £5.

photo 3

When we first arrived, we walked in to the main room, there was a jazz band playing and a couple of bars. The bars were all run by different people, serving their signature cocktails. The first one we spotted, after we realised we needed more tokens (the average cost of one drink was 7000 tokens) was Shoreditch Grind. Shoreditch Grind as you might be able to work out, specialises in coffee and tea based cocktails. The best thing about them was that they were hot, which was lush having been out in the cold!

We took our drinks and wandered around the event, spying where we’d spend our next lot of tokens!

After a bit, and also as the drinks were really hot, we found a hay bale to sit on and had a chat. Conversation flowed really easy and we talked about all sorts, the blog, my brothers, past relationships, jobs, broken bones, pretty much everything!

I saw someone walk past with a lovely looking cocktail with an umbrella in it! Obviously, that was my next choice! Whilst TOWTS was off getting our Hurricanes (!) from Nola, I spotted the celeb of the night! More on that later!

TOWTS returned and we continued chatting. We realised that we were going to need even more tokens, so as he had bought the first lot, I bought the second, and we then went and chose a cocktail from the selection. All the bars had different themes, and this one looked like a mad scientist’s lab, complete with skeleton!


We returned to our hay bale seat and it was then that I noticed our celeb again. I pointed him out to TOWTS who had no idea who he was! It was Proudlock from Made in Chelsea, who is a little bit too hipster for his own good. He was dancing with his friends and as I didn’t want to interrupt, I subtly tried to take a photo of him. When that didn’t work I thought that maybe a video would work better and then we could screen shot a photo from that. I guess I wasn’t being as subtle as I thought, because Proudlock most definitely saw us, came over, knelt down and asked if we got any good shots. Majorly embarrassing! However it all ended well and he happily posed for a couple of pics so we got a good shot in the end!


We had one more drinks worth of tokens to use up so we wander a bit further and I spotted a drink called Christmas in a Cup. I love Christmas, so this was right up my street! It tasted like Christmas cake. It was delish, but super strong.

I had mentioned that I couldn’t stay too late, as I had a birthday party to go to, luckily the party was only about 10mins away. It was a shame as I was having a really good night. I didn’t really want us to go our separate ways yet, so I asked if TOWTS wanted to come with me. He said yes! So off we went to my old school friends birthday party.

I introduced him to a few friends and we had a bit of a dance, all in all a really good time!

I knew it was going to be a mission for me to get home and so we decided to make a move at around 12.45. We got a bus to London Bridge and then TOWTS walked me to the bus stop and waited with me to make sure I got on the bus ok. Did we share a goodnight kiss? Well, that would be telling!

All in all, the date was fab. Great chat, with a lovely guy who made the night super enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Drinks Feast if it ever pops up again. It was quite pricey, but the atmosphere and the quality of the drinks make it totally worth it!

Oh and thanks Miss 29 for setting me up with TOWTS!

Rebound Gal xx

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